Create a Lead Capture Page without Having a Website or Hosting

The below points help point you in the right direction on how to create a lead capture page without a website or hosting. Although it can be a bit tricky, it is not entirely impossible, and you may be surprised by your success. Begin by

1. Defining your target market

To create an effective lead capture page, it calls for a basic understanding of who your target market is at the very least. Chance are this market will fall under the below categories;

  • Existing customers

Customers might have become inactive, and your goal might be to re-engage through exposure to new content and new product demos that might turn them from indecision to winning them over

  • Leads in your emails or CRM lists

Once a list of leads has been established then the goal should be to nurture them with more content and events to turn them into customers

  • Prospects

This is considered the purest form of lead capture, where you are in pursuit of new clients through the use of content

As far as lead forms go, they need to be personalized and friction less as possible.

2. Define and create a proper reward

Having identified out who the target group is, then we can work to identify an appropriate offer that would get them to part with their personal or business data. The goal is to get an email address at the very least.

Before even thinking of what you are asking in exchange for your content, the content needs to be defined and made relevant to the targets needs. Here is something you can create; Digital content to give away

There is slew of digital content that can be created as giveaways

  • An E-book- comprehensive guide to different aspects of your business
  • An e-course delivered over a period of time
  • A newsletter with tips related to an area
  • A podcast, particularly useful to people who like to listen during commute or a workout
  • Webinars- live sessions with Q&A experts and special guest presenters

3. Define the required form field

The question becomes, what is the appropriate number of form fields in exchange for your content? It is prudent to put this to the test in order to establish what number of fields convert best while obtaining the data you need to enable you to successfully segment and re-market to them in the future.

Also ensuring your campaign has trust elements will win over the target market. For instance, making it known to your prospects that you are all about best practices by en cooperating an anti-spam statement when requesting for target emails shows professionalism and helps them part with the information with less friction.

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