Reasons to Choose a Local Web Hosting Service for Domain Name Registration and Website Hosting

The expansion of the online space has witnessed many businesses set up an online presence in the form of websites to increase their brand value and sales volumes. While creating a website is a perfect opportunity to improve your bottom-line, where to host your website is critical to its seamless operation. When it comes to where to host your site, you have two obvious choices; local host or international host. In this piece we delve into the reasons why you should choose a local host over an international host when looking to host your business website:

Ø Security of your data when hosting your domain name registration website

Your website information is critical to the long term success of your business, especially if you want to create and host a website for sensitive companies like law firms, medical institutions, and innovative technology start-ups. For such businesses, data privacy is a critical aspect. International hosts may not be able to cushion you from hackers who prey on such sensitive information, as data privacy laws may not cover your country. Using a local host means data privacy laws fully cover you, and the host will be fully responsible if your data gets stolen.

Ø Offers easy domain name registration and remarkable speed for your website

In today’s largely technological world, micro seconds can determine a gain or loss for your business. This is why speed is of the essence when looking to buy a domain and create a website for your business. Due to ultra low latency, choosing a local web hosting enables your site to run much faster (3 times faster than international hosting services).

Ø It’s much cheaper to use a local hosting service including domain name registration

The international exchange rates fluctuate frequently, and this reflects on the pricing of international web hosting. When the dollar loses ground, you pay a lot for web hosting. You may find yourself paying even 3 times more for hosting this year than you paid last year. With local hosting, you’re not subjected to currency fluctuations and manipulations. The hosting fee tends to remain constant with local web hosting.

Ø Superior support once you buy a domain name to host your website

Using international web hosting means you’ll suffer when your website experiences technical issues that you need to be addressed immediately. This is due to the time difference and language barrier. With local hosting, you get real-time interactive customer support because you’re connected directly to a customer representative. With international web hosting, you are connected to an automated phone tree for hours before you get feedback.

Ø Local domain name registration and web hosting Contributes to the local economy

Many countries lose billions of dollars each year from international hosting. Hosting your website locally enables local companies to flourish and contribute to nation building.

It’s highly recommended to choose a local hosting service to enjoy the many benefits that come with it, such as faster loading time, a lot more uptime, and 24-hour real-time support. Choice of where to host your website will determine whether your online business succeeds or fails.

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