Best Website Hosting Providers – They Also Allow You to Buy a Domain Name from Their Platform

With the current business dynamics and cutthroat competition in the marketplace, word of mouth doesn’t work anymore. Online businesses are dictating proceedings on the consumer front. Even brick-and-mortar businesses are increasingly establishing an online presence to stay relevant. The only way to establish an online presence is to build a website. For a site to be functional, it must have two main components; a domain name and web hosting service. In this column, we point out the top 5 web hosting providers based on customer reviews to help you make an informed choice. Let’s dive in:

o  Hostgator – Allows you to perform domain name registration and host your website

Hostgator is a user-friendly, affordable and best-shared web hosting company on the market, by far. It allows you to choose a particular web hosting plan that suits you, including Basic Plan ($3.95/month), Essential Plan ($5.95/month) and Pro Plan ($5.95/month). Website owners love Hostgator because of one thing: excellent customer support. If you choose Hostgator, you also get benefits such as 99.9% uptime guarantee, email marketing constant contact and 45-day money back guarantee.

o  GoDaddy – One of the most popular sites to register domain name free and host your website

GoDaddy is one of the most popular web hosting services in the world. It’s feature-rich that makes it stand ahead of the park, including guaranteed 99.9% uptime, availability of global data center (which means faster loading time), impeccable customer service and offer a one-click install of WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and much more. GoDaddy comes with three insanely low web hosting plans, including Economy ($1/month), Deluxe ($4.49/month) and Ultimate ($6.99/month).

o  1 &1 web hosting – Offers an innovative way to buy a domain name and host your website

If you’re looking for the next level web hosting regarding speed, performance, and security, 1&1 is your answer. Here, you get insanely cheap web hosting plans, including Basic ($0.99/month), Unlimited Plus ($4.99/month) and Unlimited Pro ($8.99/month). On top of all that, it comes with 24-hour support, remarkable website creation tools, and incredible uptime.

o  Blue Host – Partnered with WordPress to enable you to buy a domain name and host your website cheaply

WordPress website owners love Blue Host because they’ve partnered with WordPress to offer truly affordable web hosting service. If you sign up with Blue Host for your web hosting, you get a free domain and site builder, around the clock customer support, 1-click WordPress installs, and 30-day money back guarantees. To add to those, you benefit from remarkable uptime, and the site lets you create attractive, stable and functional web pages.

Choosing a great web hosting service is critical to the success of your online business. This means that you must do rigorous research to find one that offers seamless operation of your website. The list above alienates your hassle, as we’ve picked out the best web hosting providers based on positive customer reviews.

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